My replicas

MP5K PDW, Tokyo Marui, stock [operational].
mG36E, Classic Army, 400 fps, [operational].
Steyr AUG, Classic Army, 400 fps, [operational].
AK47S, Cyma, stock [broken stock, but operational].

Scoped M15 A2 Rifle, 380 fps, Classic Army.
M24, Classic Army, 510 fps.

January 31, 2014

AK47S sold

Recently I sold my Cyma CM028, the AK47S replica.

I liked that gun very much. It had stock gearbox and shot around 270 fps, but I changed the body to metal.

January 11, 2012

New Shamo airsoft movie

Yesterday one of my airsoft friends published on YouTube his video made more than a year ago.

Though I haven't played airsoft in a long time (over a year), I managed to appear in the video. I'm the guy in the woodland camo cowboy hat, using the mG36 and (later) MP5K PDW.

Enjoy. :)

October 27, 2010

I sold the M24

I sold the M24 replica.

It just wasn't for me. I am not a person who wants to carry a long and heavy replica, unable to fire bursts, with manual reloading.

I sold it for 540 PLN = $188 = €136. I kept the scope as the buyer didn't want it.

I am glad as I already bought a new replica. A sniper rifle with hi-cap magazine and burst capability. ;)

October 3, 2010

First game this year?

It seems that the airsoft game I attended yesterday was my first game this year!

It started very weird on friday, when I started preparing my gear for the game. Three of my replicas, along with some of the batteries, were in the trunk of my wife's car for several months. None of the batteries I had (together with those that were stored indoors) seemed charged. Only one of them, the 1,800 mAh Sanyo NiCd 9.6V battery did work! And this is one of my oldest batteries, that was treated badly by me... Soon after I bought it with the M15A2 rifle, I connected it to my charger, but with reverse polarity! It was completely discharged the following morning, I connected it again (this time properly) and it works great from that time!

Having only one battery operational, checking my replicas was not easy. The G36 didn't work fine, and I recalled that it was broken some time ago. So I called my friend who previously repaired that replica and asked him, if he could do it again. He agreed.

So to the game I carried my AK47S, MP5K and the G36 to be repaired. I brought two large batteries (one partially charged 8.4V 3,000 mAh NiMH no-name and the Sanyo 9.6V) and two stick 600 mAh 8.4V Sanyos. I connected the first large battery to the AK, and used it for the entire game.

When I met the friend of mine at the location, we discussed about the G36 and he reminded me that he already fixed the gun from the failure I remember. I connected freshly chareged battery and indeed, it worked great! How sad I was when I found out that I have my favorite replica on me, but no magazines!

The game was rather boring for me. I spent most of the time camping in one place or the other. I was killed twice and didn't shoot anyone. To be more exact, I only fired three small bursts during the entire 3 hours we spent playing.

But I had to go to that game, since it took place in one of my favorite locations. :)